Dunstan Chestnut (4 Seedlings)

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Dunstan Chestnut (4 Seedlings)

Dunstan Chestnut (4 Seedlings)
Supplied by: NWTF

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Dunstan ChestnutsTM are one of the most widely planted chestnuts in America. They bear in only 2-4 years and produce high quality nutrition per acre…more than most oak species or hybrids. They will bear 10-20 lbs of nuts per tree by 10 years old, before most oaks even start to bear. Chestnuts are preferred by deer because the sweet tasting nuts are high in carbohydrates and protein, and have no bitter tasting tannin like oaks. These seedlings are 18-36 inches in height.

Zones 5-9.

Price includes shipping. Shipping box is oversized. 

Ships on Mondays and Tuesdays during the months of January thru April.

A minimum of two trees is recommended for correct pollination.

Quantity 1 =
4 units
Quantity 2 = 8 units
Quantity 3 = 12 units
Quantity 4 = 16 units

Photo: Chestnut Orchards at Realtree Nursery's farm in North Florida.

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